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Florida is home to incredible sights, fantastic amusement, and diverse dining for those looking for the best vacation location. Otherwise, the Sunshine State holds some excellent opportunities for professionals of any industry looking for work. No matter your reason for visiting this popular state, you will need a place to stay! If you plan to visit the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas, you can find exceptional vacation and short-term property rentals in Tampa FL, with Sunshine Rental Holdings. Call us today to discuss the luxury condos we have available!

Problems Short-Term Rentals Help You Avoid

While there are plenty of options for staying in the Tampa Bay area, few are as comfortable and convenient as a short-term rental. Whether you’re planning a vacation or need a place to stay temporarily, renting an already-prepared space is the best decision you can make. Thanks to short-term renting, you can avoid issues like:

  • Lack of Privacy
    • Hotels and resorts have their rooms packed so close together you can hear television the guests two rooms over are watching! These lodging options have people and staff continually in your space, giving you no real privacy. By renting a property temporarily instead, you have an entire home to yourself, free to enjoy as you please.
  • Reduced Space
    • Similar to privacy concerns, hotels and resorts simply don’t have the room to accommodate more than a few people per room. Conversely, a rental property offers plenty of space for friends and family to spread out. Adults and kids can have their own sleeping areas, and there’s plenty of communal dining and cooking space for everyone to utilize.
  • Increased Cost
    • With as little space and privacy as you have with traditional lodging options, you’d think staying at a hotel or resort might be affordable; not true! You’ll be paying significant sums staying at a hotel any more than a week, and good luck affording more than one room! For this reason, Sunshine Rental keeps our rental costs manageable, allowing guests to pay less for more space and extended stays.

What to Expect with Sunshine Rental

Not only are property rentals in Tampa FL more beneficial for short-term living and vacationing overall, but Sunshine Rental Holdings goes above and beyond for our tenants. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional guest services and support, providing all the comforts of home for your temporary living space. As such, when you rent one of Sunshine Rental’s luxury condos, guests can expect:

  • Fully-Furnished and Prepped – Everything you need to live comfortably is immediately available to you. Our condos are fully furnished, have well-stocked kitchens, have cable and internet access, and are ready for move-in!
  • Flexible Contracts – Need a place to stay for a week? Not a problem! Do you wish you could extend that stay to a month? Absolutely! Sunshine Rental’s contract terms are flexible, and we can adjust yours as needed to accommodate the length of your stay best.
  • Consistent Cleaning and Maintenance – Each condo is thoroughly cleaned before you arrive, and we can continue to provide cleaning and maintenance as you prefer during your stay. We ensure every home system, appliance, and electronic device is fully functional, and we provide repairs if something breaks.
  • Always Available Customer Support – Sunshine Rental’s staff can answer questions or resolve a guest’s concerns. We are quick to respond and provide immediate support.
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When you’re looking for the best options for property rentals in Tampa FL, and want to avoid the trouble and expense of renting a hotel room, Sunshine Rental Holdings has you covered! To learn more about our rental properties, see what’s available on our website. Or, if you’re more interested in renting properties out yourself, Sunshine Rental can assist with our exceptional property management services. Call 813-212-6952> to talk with our property rental and management team.