How Can You Prepare Your Florida Property for Short-Term Rentals?

A high rise with condos for short-term or vacation rental in Florida

Get Ready to Start Earning Passive Income!

Looking to make some extra money or set up a reliable avenue for passive income? If you have property in Florida, you’re in luck! Families across the U.S. flock to the Sunshine State for exceptional food, beautiful beaches, and the best attractions and entertainment. If you own property in Florida, you have a unique opportunity: setting your home up for short-term and vacation rentals! However, preparing your property for short-term rentals takes more work than you think. Here are some tips from Sunshine Rental Holdings on getting started!

  1. Find Desirable Locations – If you don’t already have a secondary home or vacation property you wish to rent, selecting the perfect location for your vacation rental will help attract more tenants. Thankfully, there is no shortage of beautiful homes and condos to choose from in Florida! Consider properties in safe, upscale subdivisions, close to the beach, near popular attractions, in proximity to essential amenities, etc. Ultimately, if the location is somewhere you’d want to live or vacation, so will your tenants!
  2. Obtain Legal Approval – Before you start physically preparing your property for renters, you need to have the proper legal approvals! In Florida, you must apply for a rental license if you wish to rent out a condo or dwelling short-term. Depending on the type of property you plan on renting, you’ll need to complete a condo or dwelling rental application. Also, you’ll want to apply for an occupational or business license to list your Florida rental properties online.
  3. Update Your Property – With legal considerations in place, it’s time to start preparing your property. First in that process is an inspection of the home or condo itself. It’s important to have a full property inspection to check for issues like leaky roofs, faulty appliances, poor construction, etc. By updating and repairing your property beforehand, you avoid expensive home repairs that risk disrupting your tenants during their stay.
  4. Thoroughly Clean – While you’ll want to clean your rental units between every renter, the first clean is the most important. Unfortunately, if you have purchased your property from previous owners, you simply don’t know the importance they placed on caring for and cleaning their home. The point is that your property may have never had a full, deep clean! Now’s the chance to ensure your property is pristine before renters arrive.
  5. Stock and Furnish – If primarily used for vacations and short-term rentals, potential tenants aren’t likely to bring their own furniture and home amenities when renting your home or condo. As such, ensuring your units have everything they need for individuals and families to live comfortably during their stay is essential for appeasing tenants and attracting new renters. In addition to furnishing your property, be sure to keep kitchens fully equipped, ensure all appliances are functioning, the appropriate electronics and home systems have internet connection, etc.
  6. Hire a Property Manager – Once your property is ready, one more consideration must be made: who’s handling property management? If you wish to directly handle property management, this gives you control over every aspect of your property and planning. However, if having direct involvement in property management is too much of a commitment on top of your other jobs and responsibilities, hiring a property management company is crucial.
Beautiful condos in Florida ready to be rented

Sunshine Rental Holdings can provide stellar property management for your vacation and short-term rental units throughout Tampa and St. Petersburg. If you have more questions about what’s required to prepare your property rentals or want our help with your property management services, call today at 813-212-6952.