What Questions Should You Ask a Property Management Company?

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Determining the Quality of Your Property Manager

Finding exceptional property management in Florida shouldn’t be difficult! Yet, dozens of companies advertise themselves as property managers but lack the necessary experience, resources and services. When searching for a dependable property management company in the Sunshine State, it’s important to know what to look for. To start, here are some questions you can ask Sunshine Rental Holdings and other local property managers to help you find the truly exceptional ones:

What Are the Properties You Manage?

There are dozens of types of property managers and properties to manage. From office spaces to vacation homes, selecting property managers with the experience to match your needs is essential to a smooth rental process. Additionally, you can ask a property management company how many properties they handle. Based on the company’s size, this can give you valuable insight into whether or not they’re spread too thin and if your property will get the attention it deserves.

How is Compensation Handled?

In talking with a property management company, you’ll want to establish how compensation is handled between managers and property owners. The average for most Florida property managers is a cut of 25% to 50% of the total rental revenue. However, less trustworthy companies will attach hidden costs and fees you don’t expect. These are the property managers you would do well to avoid employing!

Do You Cover Cleaning and Repair?

A great property management company will always offer cleaning and repair services for the vacation homes and condos they manage. However, surface cleaning doesn’t cut it! The best property management companies promise deep cleaning services between each new tenant, also repairing and maintaining your property’s various systems (appliances, central air, internet, etc.). Ultimately, the more responsibilities your property managers can take on, the better.

Do You Screen Your Tenants?

This is an essential step every property manager should be doing before renting your property to strangers. Property tenant screening helps identify reliable tenants less likely to default on their rent, ensuring a steady income stream. Moreover, prospective tenants with a solid rental history are often more likely to treat the property with respect, which can reduce maintenance and repair costs.

How Do You Market Properties?

The ability to market your properties is what sets apart the ordinary from the extraordinary property managers. The best property management companies ensure your home or condo can be easily found online and rank well on popular listing sites like Airbnb and VRBO. This includes optimizing your online listings, taking professional photos, convincing interested renters, etc. Without some level of marketing, don’t expect your property to be easily found and rented.

Are You Familiar with the Area?

Not only is understanding the local real estate market essential for setting competitive rental rates, navigating local laws, and attracting suitable tenants, but it’s also essential for “selling” your property to potential renters. Having an in-depth understanding of the area where your property is located helps us better market it and ensure tenants coming out of town have all the guidance they need to live temporarily in the Sunshine State.

What Questions Should You Ask a Property Management Company?

See an Expert Property Management Company in Action!

Sunshine Rental Holdings is the best local property management company for Tampa, FL and the surrounding communities. With manageable compensation rates, attentive staff, professional cleaning services, and optimized property listings, we do everything right when caring for and renting out your vacation homes and condos. If you want to ask these same questions for Sunshine Rental Holdings, contact us at 813-212-6952.