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The interior of a luxury condo, one of Sunshine Rental Holdings' Property Rentals in St. Petersburg FL

Make the Most of Your Stay with Property Rentals in St. Petersburg FL

Are you planning a trip to the Sunshine State? There’s a lot to do! Where will you go? What will you be doing? Or, most importantly, where will you be staying? At least for this last question, Sunshine Rental Holdings can provide an answer: luxury property rentals in St. Petersburg FL! Whether you need the perfect vacation getaway for friends and family or a comfortable space for temporary living in the area, Sunshine Rental Holdings has you covered. Call us today to discuss our options for beautiful, affordable condos throughout the St. Petersburg and Tampa areas.

Why Do So Many People Prefer Short-Term Rentals?

Not too long ago, there were only a few ways friends and families could comfortably lodge while vacationing in the Sunshine State. However, with the rise of listing sites like VRBO and Airbnb, property rentals are more accessible than ever! Best of all, short-term renting offers advantages compared to traditional lodging options like hotels and resorts. Some of those advantages include:

  • More Usable Space
    • Unless you select a resort’s largest suite, you will likely have limited space during your stay. While this might be fine for a few days, any longer, you’ll begin to feel cramped. Conversely, renting a house or condo affords you the entirety of that property’s space, with multiple rooms, a kitchen, living room, bathroom, closet space, and more.
  • Cost-Effective
    • In addition to the limited space, hotels and resorts in popular locales will cost you significantly more to rent. Imagine adding another week and extra rooms to your reservation, and the price skyrockets further! Property rentals aren’t nearly as expensive, allowing large groups or families to split the cost of one location, rather than paying more for additional rooms.
  • Greater Privacy
    • Isn’t your vacation time meant to be a getaway? That becomes impossible when you’re stuck in the same hotel room, butted up against noisy guests on either side and a hive of activity in and out of your facility daily. Instead, a private property rental allows your group to relax and sequester themselves, with no noisy “hotel guests” and staff to bother you.

The Best Properties and Service from Sunshine Rental

Although property rentals in St. Petersburg FL are your best option for local lodging, finding the best properties can still prove challenging. Thankfully, Sunshine Rental Holdings has the perfect condos for you to enjoy! Not only are our properties exceptional, but our tenant and property management services are better than most local rental companies you’ll find. With Sunshine Rental, you can expect:

  • Reliable Customer Support – No matter your questions, issues and concerns, you can call our management team and get a response right away. We quickly resolve problems and ensure you are cared for during your stay.
  • Flexible Contract Terms – Whether you wish to stay for a week, a month, or more, we have properties and contracts to satisfy your needs. Additionally, if you realize you must extend your stay or amend your rental agreement, our contract terms are easily adjustable.
  • Quality Cleaning and Maintenance – Before you arrive, we do a deep cleaning and sanitization of your unit, ensuring it is free of traces from previous tenants. Additionally, if appliances, electronics or home systems break or malfunction, our maintenance team is quick to provide repairs.
  • Move-In Ready – We rent every condo fully furnished and equipped with essential home amenities. As such, you can expect a fully stocked kitchen, functioning appliances, extra linen products, toiletries, air conditioning, internet access, beach supplies, and a welcome guide detailing additional property features and area highlights.
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Call Sunshine Rental

No matter your reason for needing property rentals in St. Petersburg FL, know you can find high-quality, convenient, and affordable short-term rentals through Sunshine Rental Holdings. To learn more about our available units, check out our listings online. Or, if you’re a property owner interested in renting, call Sunshine Rental Holdings today to discuss our property management services. Contact us at 813-212-6952.