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Those invested in the Florida real estate market understand the value of condo rentals for vacationers entering the Sunshine State. If you have a desirable property that can be utilized as a vacation rental, why not make some profit? However, renting properties takes more work than you’d think, requiring significant attention and management. That’s why so many condo owners count on property management companies in Clearwater FL. And when selecting from the best, Floridians trust the experience and care of Sunshine Rental Holdings.

Making a Difference in Property Management

Believe it or not, Sunshine Rental Holdings initially didn’t offer property management services. In fact, we were one of many property owners looking for managers for our units! However, after continually finding local property management companies couldn’t meet the quality of care we wanted for our renters, we decided to take care of management ourselves! To this end, we strive to stand out from other management companies by offering:

  • Fair and Transparent Pricing
    • In our quest for the best property management companies for Clearwater FL, we found a portion of managers would charge extra fees and markups for their services. On top of these surprise costs, the standard cut for local managers is between 25% to 50% of the rental costs of a unit. For these reasons, Sunshine Rental only asks for a flat 15%; no strings attached!
  • Fast Payout
    • For property owners using management companies, it could be weeks (sometimes months) before they see their portion of rent hit their bank accounts. This is because most property managers won’t payout to their clients until a renter’s stay is complete or after several weeks have passed. However, Sunshine Rental doesn’t believe that’s fair to the property owners who put so much into their units! That’s why we promise a payout to our clients within three days of guests arriving.
  • Optimized Listings
    • Many property management companies offer general “marketing” of your condos outside their other services. While this is an excellent service, not every property manager understands the intricacies of marketing your property and optimizing your listing. That’s why Sunshine Rental employs actual marketers to help advertise your property. We understand what advertising and search optimization are necessary to get your properties to appear on top of Google and listing sites.

Our Services

Sunshine Rental Holdings also looks to set itself apart from competitors by offering exceptional customer care and the highest quality management services. We always directly engage with our clients and tenants, ensuring all parties to a rental agreement are happy. As such, with Sunshine Rental, you can expect:

  • Five-Star Ads – We take professional photos of your property and optimize your listing to help you rank higher on listing sites like Airbnb, VRBO or
  • Dynamic Pricing – Our price algorithm helps your ads to generate up to 40% more income wherever they’re placed.
  • Prompt Tenant Care – We are quick to answer questions for your tenants or resolve any property concerns, getting back to tenants within an hour or less.
  • Maintenance & Cleaning – Our cleaning and maintenance staff ensure your property is well taken care of between each tenant. We take photos before and after cleaning or repairs to ensure any damage disputes have proof of damages.
  • Damage Disputes – Speaking of damage, if a tenant damages your property, we manage the dispute, ensure you are compensated, and items are replaced/fixed as needed.
Property Management Companies in Clearwater FL helping clean property after a tenant has left

Give Us a Call!

Finding reliable property management companies for Clearwater FL shouldn’t be challenging. Thankfully, Sunshine Rental Holdings can provide the high-quality management services you want for yourself and your renters. To learn more about our services, contact us today at 813-212-6952 or via our online form. Sunshine Rental Holding’s main office is located at 29200 Bay Hollow Dr, Wesley Chapel FL, 33543.