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Enjoy Your Vacation to its Fullest with a Luxury VRBO in St. Petersburg FL

Part of planning for your vacation is deciding where you, your family or your friends will stay. While hotels and resorts are always an option, they don’t offer the same level of comfort as your home or a private residence might. Not to mention, hotels and resorts can be expensive depending on where you stay. Thankfully, if you are searching for an affordable, private, and luxurious VRBO for St. Petersburg FL, you can find the perfect condo with Sunshine Rental Holdings.

Vacation Rentals are Your Best Option

As mentioned, there are some advantages with vacation rentals you don’t always receive with a stay in a hotel or resort. From concerns over privacy to cost savings, a vacation rental through Sunshine Rental is the answer! The benefits of choosing to stay in one of our St. Petersburg condos include:

  • Greater Privacy
    • Between other guests, hotel staff, cleaning crews, etc., there’s little privacy in a hotel or resort beyond your room. Conversely, staying at a rental condo ensures you have the place to yourself, with no interruptions to your privacy (beyond the occasional message from our property management staff).
  • More Space
    • While you have multiple room size options in a hotel or resort, it’s never more than what you might have at home. With a VRBO in St. Petersburg FL, you have access to an entire condo’s worth of space! With a full kitchen, living room, several bedrooms, etc., you have more space with vacation rentals.
  • Greater Cost-Savings
    • While prices for hotel rooms versus vacation rentals can vary, a VRBO can offer the greatest potential at additional cost savings. For example, having access to a fully-stocked kitchen allows you to save on food and dining costs. Additionally, having more space in one condo helps you avoid paying for multiple rooms for larger groups.

What Does Sunshine Rental Offer?

At Sunshine Rental Holdings, we go above and beyond for our renters. We aim to create an experience for groups to enjoy their vacation to its fullest while always having a “home away from home” to return to. To this end, we provide essential amenities with all our St. Peterburg properties, including fully-stocked kitchens, free Wi-Fi, pool access, fresh sheets and linen, toiletries, beach supplies, washers & dryers, and more. Additionally, our friendly and expert staff are always available to answer your questions or resolve your property concerns.

Or, if you own vacation properties yourself and want help to manage them best, Sunshine Rental offers property management services! When Sunshine Rental first began renting our properties, we weren’t overly impressed with the level of quality of local property management companies. So, we decided to take property management into our own hands!

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When planning a Florida vacation that everyone will love, ensure you can relax in luxury by renting an upscale VRBO in St. Petersburg FL from Sunshine Rental Holdings! Learn more about our properties by calling 813-212-6952 or contacting us via our online form. Sunshine Rental Holding’s main office is located at 29200 Bay Hollow Dr, Wesley Chapel FL, 33543.