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Condos to use for long-term rentals in Florida

What Are Your Options for Long-Term Rentals in Wesley Chapel FL?

As popular of a vacation location as the Tampa Bay area is, there are hundreds of available rental properties for vacations and short-term use. However, many of these same homes and condos don’t support long-term rentals in Wesley Chapel FL or anywhere in the area. If you need rental property for a longer stay in the Sunshine State, turn to Sunshine Rental Holdings for our excellent selection of luxury homes and condos throughout Tampa Bay.

Why Do You Need a Long-Term Rental?

You don’t need to be “setting roots” in an area to justify the need for long-term rental. Sunshine Rental has had many clients request long-term rentals, but only for temporary or transitionary housing. Additional reasons why you might need to rent a unit for longer than a vacation stay include:

  • Moving Homes – Moving is already hard enough! Sometimes, you must leave your old home before your new property is purchased or ready to move in. Depending on your scenario (waiting for property closing dates, building a new home, renovating existing property), you’ll need a place to stay in the meantime.
  • Temporary Employment – Sometimes, your profession requires you to go where the most work can be found. If that temporary location takes you into the Tampa area, finding rentals with longer, more flexible terms is essential. From traveling nurses to construction managers, our properties are suited for any working professional.
  • Divorce – Unfortunately, if you and your significant other are finalizing a separation, being in the same house might be challenging. Especially considering the timeframe for divorce proceedings can vary, finding a place to stay for a period proves beneficial to ensuring a smooth separation with minimal contention.
  • Change of Seasons – When cold seasons hit, vacationers clamor to schedule vacation time in the Sunshine State. However, if you consistently have trouble staying in colder climates during fall and winter, spending these seasons in Florida can help you stay comfortable and regulated. Thankfully, staying in a luxury condo for more than a few weeks with long-term rentals is possible.

What Does Sunshine Rental Offer?

For most, long-term rentals mean renting a home for a year or more, furnishing it yourself, and managing most maintenance and utilities for your property. However, this doesn’t have to be the case with Sunshine Rental Holdings. Sunshine Rental strives to make your temporary stay as simple and convenient as possible, whether for a few months or a year. With our long-term rentals in Wesley Chapel FL, you can expect:

  • Fully-Furnished Living Spaces – Our condos come fully equipped with all the furnishings, appliances, and amenities you need to start living in an area right away.
  • Utility Coverage – There’s no need to worry about scheduling payments for utilities and securing service for things like internet or garbage disposal. Sunshine Rental manages your property’s utilities, building a flat fee into your rental agreement.
  • On-Call Maintenance – If an appliance breaks, your AC goes out, a toilet leaks, etc., call Sunshine Rental ASAP, and we’ll schedule proper repair service or send our maintenance crew to resolve your concerns.
  • Flexible Terms – You can rent Sunshine properties in terms of a week, month, six months, or a year, depending on how long you wish to stay. After a term is up, you can easily renew for a shorter (or longer) term.
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Call Sunshine Rental

No matter your personal, professional, or familial needs for long-term rentals in Wesley Chapel FL, you can count on Sunshine Rental Holdings for the best, most affordable luxury condos in the Tampa Bay area. Additionally, we offer exceptional property management for property owners throughout Florida. To learn more about our vacation rentals or management services, call 813-212-6952. Sunshine Rental Holding’s main office is located at 29200 Bay Hollow Dr, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543.