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If you own a home or condo in St. Petersburg or the Tampa area, you’re in luck; there’s profit to be made from vacation rentals! However, even with a luxury property, finding and managing tenants can prove elusive for those unfamiliar with the rental market. For such reasons, many property owners turn to property managers for guidance and support. Thankfully, Sunshine Rental Holdings LLC has you covered when selecting the best property managers for St. Petersburg FL! Count on our exceptional property management services for the Tampa Bay area.

Property Managers in St. Petersburg FL discussing the terms of managing a property for a property owner

What Do Property Managers “Manage?”

The short answer: a surprising amount! Property management is no easy task and requires experienced and dedicated professionals with an intimate understanding of property care and the local rental market. Undeniably, Sunshine Rental Holdings is up to the challenge! We strive to offer attentive care, detailed cleaning, and excellent exposure for your vacation rental properties. For example, our team handles:

  • Booking Guests – To ensure we book your property to its full potential, our team actively manages reservations, ensuring a steady stream of guests to maximize your rental income.
  • Cleaning Units – We take pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness. After each stay, our professional cleaners meticulously prepare your property for the next guests.
  • Handling Maintenance Requests – Our responsive team swiftly addresses any maintenance issues, ensuring that your property remains in top condition and that guest satisfaction is upheld.
  • Addressing Guest Concerns – Our customer service team is always on hand to address guests’ questions or concerns, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable stay for all.
  • Optimizing Your Property Listing – Our marketing professionals optimize your property listing across multiple listing platforms to ensure high visibility and attract more guests.
  • Additional Details – Property managers handle all the details of your rental, from the minor to the major. In this case, we create rental agreements, collect and distribute fees, communicate with condominium facility owners, and more.

How Does Sunshine Rental Stand Out?

We aren’t your average property managers for St. Petersburg FL; we strive to be the best! After having difficulty finding a reliable and affordable property management company to handle their rental properties, Rich and Heather Randolph took management into their own hands, establishing Sunshine Rental Holdings. Today, we set ourselves apart from other local property managers by offering:

  • Reasonable Pricing – Rather than take the standard 25% – 50% cut of fees most property managers require, we only request 15% of the total unit rental cost. Best of all, there are no hidden fees or strings attached!
  • Fast Payout Timeframe – With other management companies, you won’t receive a payout for a condo rental until well into or after your guests’ stay. Conversely, Sunshine Rental promises you your share of profit within three days of guests’ first check-in.
  • Visibility on Popular Listing Sites – Using our range of SEO knowledge, we provide high-quality photos and optimized writing for your listings and ads, helping potential guests find you on VRBO, Airbnb, etc.
  • Truly Attentive Care – While many companies boast expert customer support, they don’t always provide it. At Sunshine Rental, this isn’t the case! When tenants contact us for any reason, we respond within an hour and quickly resolve concerns or issues.
The interior of a luxury condo, managed by Property Managers in St. Petersburg FL

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If you want property managers in St. Petersburg FL who provide the highest level of care and attention for your guests while maximizing your potential for profit, count on the Sunshine Rental Holdings LLC team. You can learn more about our property management services by calling
813-212-6952. Also, if you’re interested in some of our vacation rentals for your use, see what we have available on our website.