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Enjoy Luxurious Rental Properties in the Tampa Bay Area

There’s nothing better than waking up on a beautiful Florida day in the lap of luxury, ready to engage in a day of shopping, bar hopping, beach walking, and general fun and entertainment. Best of all, you start your Florida day in one of Sunshine Rental Holding, LLC’s beautiful rental properties for the Tampa Bay Area. Our rental homes and condos are the perfect places to stay if you wish to maximize your Florida vacation’s comfort and enjoyment. Call Sunshine Rental today to find the perfect vacation rental!

The outside of beautiful Rental Properties in the Tampa Bay Area

When You Walk into a Sunshine Home…

Everything you want or need to enjoy your vacation is available at any Sunshine Rental property. We go above and beyond for our clients, offering exceptional care and abundant amenities with each unit. We aim to help our guests and tenants feel like they never left home! As such, some of what you can expect from a Sunshine Rental property includes:

  • Fully-Stocked Kitchens – You can save on eating out by using your vacation rental’s kitchen. We stock our unit’s kitchens with all the essential cooking supplies, appliances, and utensils needed to prepare five-star meals in the comfort of your (rental) home.
  • Exceptional Cleanliness – From the sheets on your beds to the floors under your feet, every linen, surface, and corner of a Sunshine unit is meticulously cleaned before your arrival. We go above and beyond to ensure a clean and comfortable environment.
  • Quick Guest Care – If you have questions about the area, your rental unit, or anything related to your stay, you can contact a Sunshine property manager. Our management team quickly answers and resolves tenant inquiries, responding to requests within an hour or less.
  • Additional Amenities – To make your stay as comfortable as possible, we accommodate our guests with excellent amenities. In addition to our care and support, with Sunshine vacation rentals, you can expect high-speed internet, pool access (location dependent), stocked toiletries, clean linens, beach supplies, an interactive guest guide, and more.

What About Property Management Services?

Sunshine Rental doesn’t only manage our rental properties in the Tampa Bay Area; we can also manage your properties! Our goal is to offer the area’s best, most affordable property management services. To this end, we believe we’ve found great success! When condo and vacation homeowners employ the services of Sunshine Rental, they can look forward to:

The dining and living space of Rental Properties in the Tampa Bay Area
  • Affordable Rates – Unlike the standard 25%-50% commission property managers ask for, Sunshine Rental only requests a flat 15% (repair and replacement fees included).
  • Fast Payouts – You don’t have to wait weeks or months to see the profits from your vacation rental. Sunshine Rental promises a payout within three days of guest arrival.
  • Optimized Listings – We utilize professional photography and our SEO knowledge to help your listings be seen on popular listing sites like VRBO, Airbnb and
  • Unit Care – We thoroughly clean and sanitize your units between guest stays and provide repair and maintenance when necessary, resolving damage disputes on your behalf.

Find the Perfect Place to Stay

With help from Sunshine Rental Holdings, LLC, you can make the most of your Florida vacation with exceptional rental properties in the Tampa Bay Area. Also, to see our available units, check out our website for more affordable rates. Or, if you’re a property owner interested in our management services, reach out directly by calling 813-212-6952.