Rental Properties St. Pete Beach FL

Make the Most of Your Florida Trip with Rental Properties in St. Pete Beach FL

Are you planning your next vacation to beautiful, sunny Florida? Why not a trip to St. Pete Beach? There’s plenty to do, sample and experience at St. Pete Beach, with exciting entertainment, delicious food, and tons of shopping. Furthermore, if you wish to turn your vacation into something extraordinary, why not stay in the lap of comfort and luxury? Check out some of the fantastic rental properties St. Pete Beach FL has to offer through Sunshine Rental Holdings LLC!

An aerial view of the beach, where you can find Rental Properties in St. Pete Beach FL

Why Rent a Home or Condo?

There are plenty of ways to enjoy your Florida vacation: renting a hotel room or staying in a local resort, for example. However, you won’t get the same flexibility, control, and privacy that you get with vacation rentals. Renting a condo is one of the go-to ways to vacation near St. Pete Beach, and it’s not hard to see why!

  • Enjoy Your Privacy
    • Hotels and resorts can be busy, bustling locations at the height of vacation season in Florida. Even during the off-season, the quiet of your vacation can be undercut by unruly children, paper-thin walls, and an extreme lack of privacy. Conversely, a vacation rental isn’t part of an entire facility of guests. The only people you’ll bump into at your condo are your friends and loved ones.
  • Access to Unique Amenities
    • The amenities hotels and resorts offer doesn’t compare to what you can get when staying at a private residence. In addition to high-speed internet and access to property features like pools and hot tubs, our tenants are supplied with a fully-stocked kitchen, various appliances, linens and toiletries, beach supplies, parking passes, and more.
  • Save Money
    • While there are plenty of restaurants to enjoy in the St. Petersburg area, it can get expensive having to eat out every night. Thankfully, with a rental property, you don’t have to always go to a restaurant to get a meal. Instead, you can take advantage of a fully functioning kitchen! A quick stop at the grocery store, and you can make your favorite meals in the comfort of your rental for an affordable price.

Serving Renters and Property Owners

Sunshine Rental Holdings doesn’t just manage our rental properties in St. Pete Beach FL; we can manage your properties, too! Sunshine Rental prides itself on exceptional service and client/tenant care. In searching for the best property management company to manage our condos, Sunshine Rental decided to take the task into its own hands. Now, local property owners count on Sunshine Rental to help turn their homes and condos into passive income opportunities. With Sunshine Rental as your property manager, you can expect:

The living room of one of Sunshine Rental's Rental Properties for St. Pete Beach FL
  • Five-star ads featuring professional photos optimized for popular listing sites like Airbnb and VRBO.
  • A dynamic pricing algorithm that helps our clients’ property ads generate up to 40% more income.
  • Optimized property listings using our wealth of SEO knowledge and expert writers.
  • Attentive staff, able to respond to a tenant’s questions or requests within an hour or less.
  • Responsible for managing a property’s maintenance and cleaning, resolving damage disputes and ensuring a unit is spotless for the next guests arriving.
  • Only 15% of rental costs are taken to cover our services, with a payout to property owners within three days of guest check-in.

Speak with the Sunshine Rental Team

Whether you’re looking for rental properties in St. Pete Beach FL, or need help managing your own, Sunshine Rental Holdings LLC can lend a hand! To see some of our available vacation listings, visit our website. Or, if you wish to learn more about our property management services, contact us at 813-212-6952.